T-DB System

Toward Fully Functional Transparent Encrypted Databases in DBaaS Framework



T-DB system allows almost all types of data manipulations over an encrypted database without requiring the cloud to modify its service architecture or the database users to take on any extra burden.



Xiaofei Wang, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, wangxiaofei14@mails.ucas.ac.cn

Qianhong Wu, Beihang University, qianhong.wu@buaa.edu.cn

Yuqing Zhang, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, zhangyq@ucas.ac.cn



Below we list our implementations of T-DB system, as well as its syntax rules.


Source codes, test cases and UDF definitions are available: T-DB SourceCode.zip

(This implementation is currently a research prototype but not ready for production, please use it only for replications or tests.)


Syntax rules for SQL-Translator are available: T-DB DML Syntax Rules.pdf

(This SQL-Translator module is implemented to translate plaintext SQL statement into ciphertext SQL statements.)